There seems to be a lot of sickness around at the moment. Whether it’s the change in season or constantly going in and out of air conditioning, kids and their parents seem to be in the firing line of colds, flues and even the dreaded gastro! My kids succumbed to a cold over the last couple of weeks, and I tried to get as many nutrients into them as possible in order to help them recover quicker. I made them this smoothie everyday for about a week, and they always went back for seconds! Here’s the recipe: 1 cup spinach 1 x frozen bananan1 cup frozen mangon2 tbsp lemon juice 1-2 cups water (depending on how thick you like it)n1/2 tsp minced gingern1 tsp honey 1 tsp (heaped) Morlife kids greens powder Simply add it all to a blender and serve 👍 If you’re making it for yourself, pump up the ginger and go for gold with greens!