It can sometimes be a controversial topic and it’s a really personal choice… But there are so many benefits to continuing to train throughout your pregnancy!nIf you think about it, you’d never run a marathon without doing some training first, right?nWell, giving birth is kinda like a marathon! Not to mention then being sleep deprived, energy depleted and nourishing another little person 24 hours a day throughout their infancy…. Being fit and strong has so many benefits in helping you get through day to day life as a mum, so we feel that if you’re able to, please continue to train throughout your pregnancy and beyond! Of course, have a chat to your birthing team (midwives, doctors, OBs, etc) because what might work for some women, might not work for your situation. In this week’s video, we touch on the many benefits of exercising in pregnancy, and also highlight some things you might need to be aware of in order to exercise safely and injury-free!