I love food. I’ve always loved food. When I was about 12 years old, I was arguing with my parents about something silly and I said, “Oh yeah? Well maybe I’ll just stop eating altogether then!” My parents looked at each other and just burst out laughing – they knew I’d never be able to stop eating. And while over the years my love for food has seen me put on weight, I can now confidently say that I’m (mostly) in control of the food I put in my mouth. It doesn’t mean I love it any less, though!nBeing in the fitness industry, many people think that I must just eat salad and chicken all day, every day. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Fruit and dessert – it’s all about balance! I get really bored if I have to eat the same stuff all the time, and if I don’t treat myself at least once a week, I go a little crazy. Last week, Luke and I didn’t get the opportunity to share a treat meal, and by the middle of this week, I was craving a burger!nSo I had a burger. And a potato scallop. And hot chips. And it was GOOOOOOD!nAnd I was satisfied. Today, I got straight back “on the horse” and went back to eating my regular food – stir-fry, omelette, fruit, etc. I know that one “bad” meal isn’t going to derail my overall progress. In fact, by me relaxing and eating something I just really wanted to eat, I mentally felt a lot better. It meant that I was looking forward to eating my regular food, as opposed to how I was feeling before the burger – bored and like I was missing out. Some people can be 100{8964c77004c80ceb7a483a88d57a7a9902025e52f9fec2df9408e739e584e0eb} with their healthy eating all the time, and kudos to them. I really admire their self-discipline. But not this mama. Gimme a burger once a week and I’m a happy woman! What’s your go-to treat meal?