Imagine this.

You’ve had a reeeeeeally long day.

You went to the gym on the way to work and smashed out a really tough workout, so your muscles are feeling the effects.

And once you got to work, it was stressful – you had a deadline to make, and as a result, you’re now behind with the rest of your work.

So, you get home and you’re looking forward to just relaxing!

You get to the fridge and…..

There’s nothing there.

All you want to do is chill out but you’re starving, and there’s no food in the house!

Ever experienced that before?

I have, and it’s an incredibly frustrating feeling!

So to combat that, there’s something we do in our household every single week that ensures that there are delicious meals ready to go at all times.

Want to know what that is? Watch this week’s video, about all things FOOD PREP!