All my adult life, I’ve been playing some sort of sport (mostly rugby league).

In every game, there needs to be one winner and one loser…

Or so I thought…

One of my most inspirational coaches told me once that the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday. And if you gave it your very best effort on the field, that was good enough.

Think about that for a moment…

If you are giving your VERY best effort there is nothing else you can do. Some days you’ll walk off the field a winner and sometimes the opposition will win.

I take a lot of lessons out of my sporting life and this is one that I must keep working on.

I’ve taken this same philosophy and applied it to raising our daughter. If I am a better Dad than I was yesterday, then that is the best I can do.

The moment of realisation.

The moment came when I was holding Isabella and all of a sudden I received a slap in the face! My first thought was to slap her back (softly of course), however if you’ve read previous blogs about my upbringing, I know that this isn’t the answer.

So I stopped and put her down and knew straight away that I needed to learn about the reasons that she was doing this.  And I knew exactly the book I had to read, as I had read parts of it before:

So what have I learnt so far?

Well, we have many different aspects of the brain. And for Isabella and children her age (18months), they mostly only know how to use one side of the brain (the right side), which is responsible for emotions, story telling and meaning. The left is for logic, language, lists and letter of the law, which Isabella is trying hard to get. Helping her to connect both sides of the brain is important as it’ll help her to put meaning and logic to her emotions.

So me bettering myself is not only of benefit to me, but it is also helping my wife, my daughter and now you.

I know we must have something in common as you’ve read this far, and my bet is you want to better yourself, too!

That’s why I’d like to invite you to register for my Fat Loss E-Course. It’s free and it’s full of great info that you can implement straight away to help you create a body you can be proud of.