So, this week I had my measurements taken. I’ve been measuring every 12 weeks since I started training again after having Noah. And this week, I got a pleasant surprise! The first measurements were taken in January, and the second lot were done this week. (Obviously, we took a lot more sites this week!)nBut to say I was happy, is an understatement! I didn’t feel like I had made much progress at all, but to see 7.4kg down on the scales, and 8cm gone from my hips – I was stoked! It’s funny, because you look at yourself every day, it’s impossible to really get an understanding of just how far you’ve come.nAnd that’s why taking measurements along your journey is so important! It doesn’t have to be on the scales, or with a measuring tape. It can be simply trying on an outfit that was once tight, or taking photos and comparing them. A combination of all of these is great! I can tell you, after seeing those results this week, it’s given me a whole new push of motivation to keep going! So how could you measure your progress over the next 12 weeks? Let’s do this together!