Picture this.

You’re eating well, exercising most days and getting lots of sleep.

You feel great, your energy levels are through the roof and you’re healthy.

You go to your training session to get measured by your trainer, and you’re feeling really positive.

But when your trainer gives you your results, your heart sinks.

Nothing has shifted.

How can this happen?!

All that hard work and nothing?

Well, we all know how important the quality of our food choices are when it comes to losing body fat.

But how about what you DRINK?

Did you know that there are over 160 calories in a can of coke?

And what about those oversized, sugary, flavoured coffees from places like Starbucks or Gloria Jeans?

There are so many hidden calories in what we drink, so this week, I want to give you some healthy alternatives, that still have lots of flavour, but without the added calories and sugar!