Recently, I decided to get serious about getting leaner.nI wanted to prove (mainly to myself) that even though I’d had a baby, my body was still capable of being fit, strong and toned.nI eat well most of the time and workout several times throughout the week, but I wasn’t seeing much progress…nSo what did I have to change?nWell, actually, not that much.nHowever, I was missing an important piece of the puzzle… And that was having an important goal that I wanted to achieve. Any time in my life I’ve achieved something big, I’ve been really clear on my goal and the reason why it’s so important to me. Everyone has different goals, but there seems to be 1 system that works to help people achieve them, regardless of what that goal is. It’s the SMART system.nSpecific – your goal must be clear and well defined. For example, I must lose 5kg. It’s an exact amount/number.nMeasureable – it must be able to be measured. For example, losing a certain amount of weight or centimetres around your waist, or being able to run a certain distance. Achievable – try to stretch beyond your comfort zone, but still be attainable. Realistic – personalised for YOUR circumstances! Are you going to be able to enter a body building competition 2 months after giving birth? Probably not! Time based – Have a set deadline. Since I’ve set my goals for my current 12 week program, the quality of the food I’m eating has definitely improved and I’ve found it easier to resist my usual temptations of all things sweet… Although I still have my nightly dark chocolate indulgence! (That ain’t going anywhere!)