When I first got back into exercise after having my second child, I went too hard too soon.nI tried to be the hero, that woman who “bounced back” super quick.nWell, didn’t I learn a valuable lesson there! I had abdominal separation , and I made it a whole lot worse by launching straight back into burpees, mountain climbers, ab work….nAnd when I realised the damage I’d done, I had to start over again anyway!nNew mamas, please don’t make the same mistake I did!nThere’s plenty of time to get fitter, more toned, to feel like you have your body back again.nPlease don’t sacrifice the foundation of your health by trying to be Wonder Woman. You’ve just had a baby – you’re already wearing a cape!nIf you’d like to try a workout at home, suitable for women with ab separation, check out the session below. The 5 x 5 workoutn5 exercises. 5 rounds. Done in 15 minutes. 15 squatsn15 push upsn15 glute bridgen15 reverse lunges (each leg)n15 high knees (each leg) – either run or walk it outn5 rounds through, as fast as you can.