We went to a friends wedding on Friday. It was down at beautiful Byron Bay.nApart from the fact that I love weddings and I love seeing 2 awesome people come together to make the ultimate commitment to each other, I was also pretty excited that the reception was child-free 🙊 As a breast-feeding, full time stay at home Mum, I very rarely have nights out (I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been out at night since Noah was born 16 months ago!) so I was looking forward to uninterrupted adult conversation and dancing with my hubby 💃🏻nBut it wasn’t to be. Little Noah lasted about 40 minutes with the babysitter before he got himself so worked up he started vomiting.nAnd my night out was over.nBut my mum guilt was just beginning.nI felt guilty for leaving him, when I knew he would be so overtired from a big day.nI felt guilty for not having some pain relief on hand to help with his teething (3 x molars at once).nBut mostly, I felt guilty for wanting a night for myself so badly.nCould I actually be that desperate to get away from my kids?nAs I sat in the dark room, comforting my emotional little man, I came to my senses a bit.nOf course I’m not crazy for wanting a night to myself every now and then and I’m not a terrible Mum because Noah missed his nap that day. But good old Mum guilt would have me believe that I’m doing an awful job at this Mum business!nSo while the reception kicked on, I had some time to ponder the whole Mum guilt thing and this is what I came up with:n1. If you do feel Mum guilt from time to time, that’s ok. For me, I take it as a sign that I want to do my best for my kids 👍n2. It seems to be a pretty universal thing, so chat about it/talk it out with your fellow Mum friends. They can help to reassure you that you’re doing a great job, especially on the days where you feel like you’re not.n3. At the end of the day, it’s just a feeling. So acknowledge it, but then don’t sit with it for too long. Don’t live in that place of Mum guilt. Because that will start to affect your whole life!nBack to Friday… Noah calmed down, and eventually the kids went to bed after a very big day! We ended up enjoying the rest of our weekend away as a family and I managed to catch up with the married couple the next day, so all good.nI did my best on Friday, and on most days, actually – that’s all we can ask of ourselves 💕