The cooler weather is definitely upon us, so there is no better time for making friends with your slow cooker! There are so many benefits for incorporating slow cooker meals into your routine: #1 You can save money by using cheaper cuts of meat. They turn into juicy, tender pieces of goodness after a few hours in the slow cooker! #2 You can save so much time by not having to stand in front of your stove top, cooking away. Just pop your slow cooker on and go about your day. #3 Comfort food at it’s finest; enjoy rich, hearty meals all throughout the winter months! Here’s my top 3 slow cooker recipes!nTender Spicy ChickennServe with a side of green veggies or fresh salad – it’s so good! Chilli BeefnI shared this one a few months ago, but have had a few requests to share it again…nIngredients: 550g gravy beef, diced 1 x brown onion, choppedn3 x cans kidney beans, rinsed and drainedn800g diced tomatoesn1 x Always Fresh roasted capsicum stripsn690g pasta sauce 1 x pack taco seasoning (not pictured as have a homemade batch in the pantry)nChilli flakes to taste – I add 1-2 tsp as I don’t like it too hot *can also add 1/4 cup coriander Method:nAdd beef and onion to slow cooker.nAdd kidney beans, roasted capsicum, diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, taco seasoning and chilli flakes.nGive it a quick stir and then put the slow cooker on low.nLeave to cook for 8-10+ hours. Healthy Beef StroganoffnOne of my beautiful girlfriends, Kara, came up with this recipe and I love it because it’s just so easy and it tastes amazing! Image source: Instagram – @sugarfreebubsandmenI’d love to hear from you if you give any of these recipes a go – happy eating!