I don’tnknow about you, but the last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind! Sooooooooonmuch has changed in our life in such a short amount of time. The dustnhas settled for me personally this week, and I feel like I’ve been able toncatch my breath a bit. And whilenit’s been good to feel a bit more on top of life, with that has also come anwhole range of emotions… Disappointmentnat having to miss out on our beach holiday these school holidays. Sadnessnat not being able to hug my friends and family (apart from the family in mynhouse). Anxietynabout the thought of having to home school next term whilst simultaneouslynkeeping my 3 year old entertained, run a business, manage a household, maintainnmy marriage, etc etc. Guiltnabout taking so many little things for granted before all of this COVID-19ndrama. Overwhelmnat the sound of, “Muuuuuuum,” for the millionth time each day. Gratitudenfor still having a business, with amazingly supportive clients and for beingnable to have so much quality family time. Reliefnthat there are so many options for financial support whilst we ride this crazynwave. But thennsadness and grief for all of the suffering in the world. Just ALL.nTHE. FEELINGS. So, I’mngoing to take a bit of time this long weekend to let all of that (and maybenmore) sink in. And to donthat, I need to make sure I allow the space… I thoughtnI’d share the following ideas with you in case you were feeling ALL THEnFEELINGS, too! I’m going to turn off the news.nWe don’t actually watch any news bulletins on tv anyway, but with all of thenpress conferences announcing so many different changes over the past few weeks,nI’ve found myself checking articles online throughout the day. So, I’m going tongive that a miss. I’m going to take a break fromnthe socials. If you see posts here on this page over the next few days, theynwill have been scheduled in advance, because I just need to give my mind anbreak from the influx of information and opinions and advice in my news feed! I’m going to “protect myncoffee.” Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, talked about protecting yourncoffee; you wouldn’t let someone poison your coffee, so why would you letnsomeone poison your mind? I’m lucky to be surrounded by positive, happy people,nbut for me it’s all about switching off the external noise. Which leads me tonmy next point… I’m going to put lots of goodnstuff in to my mind! Read a book (or at least a few pages!), watch someninspiring shows, listen to some great podcasts…. When you put good stuff in,nyou get good stuff out. And finally, this littlenintrovert is going to have some alone time. It’s how I recharge, stay sane andnhave some patience with everyone else! Plus, with us all being home all of thentime, I’ve lost the little pockets of time that I used to have on my own. It’snvery much needed! So therenyou go. My little plan for the long weekend. I hopenthat wherever you are, you are safe, you are healthy and you are happy. And it’snok to not be happy, too. It’s ok to be feeling a whole lot of loss, grief,nsadness, anger, disappointment, and the list goes on…. Justnplease don’t squash those feelings down. Givenyourself some time to process them. This toonshall pass; we just have to go through the rollercoaster that life is right nownto get to the other side. Lotsnof love x