We went to watch the Commonwealth Games weightlifting last week.nWe watched the 48kg women compete.nAnd we were all absolutely blown away! I knew they’d be strong.nBut watching these women lifting twice their body weight above their heads… Well, it was pretty special. And that goes for all of the competitors and elite athletes out there.nWhat they can do with their bodies, and their mental capacity to do it, is amazing.nBut remember, they all had to start somewhere.nJust like you and me.nWhether it’s starting a new job, a new fitness plan, a new relationship – the beginning of anything is exhilarating, but can also feel way out of your comfort zone.nIt can feel scary.nI remember how it felt after I gave birth to my babies.nI was overjoyed with what my body had been able to do (ie grow and bring a little human into the world) but I felt like I didn’t recognize it.nI felt so weak and unfit.nI had been lifting weights for years and years, but what did I have to show for it?nA soft tummy and reduced strength. But I started with some gentle core exercises and eventually worked my way back into the gym when I felt ready, and now I’m back lifting heavier than I ever have before.nThe hardest part of the whole journey so far?nStarting.nMaking that first move, doing that first session.nOnce that was done, everything got easier.nBut I had to start in order for that to happen.nI couldn’t sit at home and wish it into my life. I had to take action.nA quote we love, and one that we had printed on the back of our training shirts here at the studio, is, “You don’t have to be great to start. You have to start to be great.”nSo next time you find yourself wishing you could do or achieve something new, just remember that you’re capable!nNo matter how far away you think it is from happening, you just need to do something to start ❤️