Yesterday, I had a blowout. Not a blowout with food or anything like that, but a mental blowout. I had reached my threshold – enough was enough. I didn’t even see it coming. Here’s what happened…nI was at the markets and trying to think of what I wanted to buy for one of our salads for the week. And my head was just so full of stuff, that trying to get any clarity from my thoughts was physically impossible. My mind was full! So, I cracked it. Cracked it at Luke; I was so grumpy with him, the poor thing! All because I couldn’t think of what to get for a salad… But was it really the salad that made me angry? No, of course not. It was the fact that things had been building for a while and the salad situation was the tipping point – a point where I had to change. I couldn’t hold it in anymore – I had to do something about it. Now, why am I telling you this?nWell, often the best body transformations come from having a snap point/tipping point – a moment where you say, “Enough is enough!” You may not see it coming; anything can cause a snap point. It can be something as simple as a person seeing themselves in a photo and realising just how far they have let themselves go. Or a woman trying on a dress and not being able to fit into the same size anymore. It can be something someone has said in passing – it really can be anything at all. Mine just happened to be freakin’ salad! See how trivial they can be?nBut you know what? I think having a snap point is a good thing and here’s why….nAfter my mini meltdown yesterday, I realised that I needed to change. I needed some time for myself. So I did some weights, grabbed a coffee and went for a long walk in the sunshine. And I immediately felt so much better! If I didn’t experience overload, I would have continued on in my haze and not made any effort to really change. See, snap points are good!!!nA snap point forces us to take action – whether that action is something small like taking 20 minutes for yourself, or whether it’s something bigger, like taking action on that new exercise program. Saying “enough is enough” and drawing a line in the sand is powerful!nSo, don’t be afraid of facing what’s been building up for so long. If you need help, share it with someone you can trust (thank you to my husband Luke for listening yesterday!) and seek the help that you need. Anyone can change – we just need to make the decision to do it. Sunshine, exercise and coffee = everything is ok! We explore snap points and the reasons behind our habits in our Online Nutrition program. Work with your very own Online Coach, have access to over 175 recipes and experience success with the only science-based, research proven body transformation program out there! Plus, eats of delicious food and exercise for only a handful of hours each week – get on board now and save $300! Check it out here!