About 9 years ago, I broke the thumb on my right hand playing footy, and needed surgery to have a plate and screw put in to hold it together. 

When I ran the ball up in my game on Saturday night just gone and was tackled by someone from the opposition, I felt the same sensation in my left hand. 

I knew instantly that I’d broken my thumb. 

Sure enough, an x-ray confirmed it, and while I was hopeful it was just a small break, the truth was that I needed to have surgery to repair it. 

So I went under the knife on Tuesday night. 

While I’m obviously really disappointed that I’ll be missing upto 12 weeks of the footy season, I know that things could be so much worse.

It’s just a thumb, after all!

When things like this happen, it’s really important to keep a bit of perspective.

We’re all going to have ups and downs in our journey, and we need to learn to love the ups, and grow stronger from the downs…

Now, because I was having surgery on Tuesday night, my wifey, Rach, took over the Transformation Tip duties for the week!

This week, she shares a timely reminder about what to focus on when things aren’t going your way.

P.S. A big thank you to everyone for all the well wishes this week! Your support has meant so much to me. Here’s to a speedy recovery!