In my previous job, I’d regularly work 16 hour days. I’d work 6-7 days every week. I was busy. And I loved it! #throwback Sure, I enjoyed the work, but I also loved being busy. I actually enjoyed being tired and feeling stressed, because it made me feel important. I wore it like a badge of honour! It seems like if you’re stressed or overwhelmed these days, you must be doing something important. And I definitely bought into that. I felt so significant because of how hard I worked. But my life was out of balance. And eventually, that caught up with me. Overweight. Unfulfilled. Regretful that I missed out on so many other aspects of life, like friends birthdays and family catch ups. So I changed it. Started a new career and the rest is history. But over the last couple of months, I’ve been finding myself feeling overwhelmed again – with motherhood. Stressed out because we have so much on. When someone asks what I’ve been upto, my answer has been “I’m so busy!” And I’ve come to realize that I’ve been using being busy to help me feel more important. As a parent, it’s so easy to feel like all you do is serve other people all day. There’s some days where I’ve felt invisible at times, simply because my time is spent nurturing other people. So by saying how busy I am, I’m making myself feel more important, especially on days where I don’t feel like I’m doing anything productive at all. But it’s not a healthy place to live, is it? So after a much-needed break at the Gold Coast with my beautiful family, I’m feeling a lot more centered. My workload is still the same, but that feeling of overwhelm has disappeared. I’m making the choice to focus on what’s really important. I’m going to be more conscious with my thoughts and words because they effect how we view our world. And most of all, I’m going to start appreciating that those daily, sometimes mundane routines and tasks that we must do as mums, is actually some of the most important work I’ll ever do 💕 The dinner/bath/bed routine that is the same every single night is actually my kids most favourite time of day, because they get some special time with me. Answering the 546000 questions from my 3 year old everyday is shaping her world. Comforting Noah at night helps him to feel safe and secure. Sure, I’ve felt important busting my butt in the corporate world. But for me personally, there’s nothing more fulfilling than the work/joy of raising another human and being their safe haven ❤️ Just need to remind myself of that from time to time!