What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say, “Exercise?”





You may think that because I’m a “trainer,” I must enjoy working out all the time…

Well, I don’t. I’m human!

But for the most part, I do enjoy working out and the feeling it gives me.

And I like to make workouts for my clients an enjoyable experience, too.

It IS possible to get a great workout and have an awesome time, all at once!


Do activities you enjoy. Play games. Try new things.

Play a sport you like. Take a dance class.

You’ll be surprised with how many different ways you can work up a sweat.

For example, last Saturday for the group session, we played Duck, Duck Goose. That’s it. Just good old Duck, Duck Goose.

And you know what? The team got a great workout, and we laughed a lot!

For other sessions, we’ve used dice, playing cards, a bag of coloured balls, squeaking toys and for today’s workout, a coin.

Heads or tails – which do you choose?