“I’m going to eat healthy food at every meal for the next 12 weeks.” “I’m going to exercise everyday.” “I’m going to get exactly 8 hours sleep every night.” Sound familiar? It’s quite common for people to make bold statements like these when they begin a program. I get it – you’re excited. Excited to lose weight, excited to finally be getting started, excited to be working towards your dream body. And that’s an awesome thing! However, I’ve seen time and time again how frustrated people get when they can’t follow through on their desire to be perfect. Life does not deliver us perfect. There’ll be times where you will be held up in a meeting and can’t eat that meal when you should. There’ll be family emergencies that prevent you from getting to the gym for that workout. There’ll be kids that keep you up at night, or fun nights out with friends that prevent you from getting a full 8 hours of sleep. Bottom line – there is more to life than just your health and fitness goals. Why constantly striving to be 100{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} “good” all the time can be a bad thing…n- It can become an unhealthy obsession. Food and exercise are great when they are integrated into your lifestyle in a positive way, but sometimes, the need to get it right all the time can lead to an unhealthy obsession. Too much focus goes to ensuring that all meals are perfect and every exercise session happens exactly when it should; so much so, that everything else suddenly falls away.nYou lose touch with your family and friends, you’re no longer committed to your career and life gets out of balance. That’s when alarm bells start to ring! – It can stress you out, wiping out any chance of achieving your goals. Because you’re so focused on getting it right, when things don’t go to plan, stress appears. When you get stressed, the hormone, cortisol, is elevated in your body. This is actually detrimental to your weight loss goals. Remember, things don’t always go the way we want them to, and that’s life. – It isn’t fun! Look, I eat healthy most of the time, but it’s my birthday in just over a week, and there is nothing stopping me from having a slice or two of birthday cake! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and this includes food and exercise, so remember to relax from time to time! Is it possible to achieve your goals by being flexible? Absolutely! Let’s look at food as an example. We encourage our clients to aim for 91{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} compliance with their meals. Do some number crunching with me: If you aim for 6 metabolically precise meals everyday, that’s a possible 42 MP meals each week.nBased on the 91{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} rule, that leaves approximately 4 meals each week that can be “off the plan” and you will still see some great results. So while it’s good to aim to get as close to 100{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} as possible, it’s kinda nice to know that if I have a few slip ups, or unexpected things pop up in my week, I won’t be derailing my progress.nAnd that’s the great thing about Metabolic Precision – you don’t have to be perfect! But by implementing the steps to Metabolic Precision, and aiming for that 91{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} rule, you really can achieve your body transformation goals. To learn more about Metabolic Precision, check out our Online Nutrition Program here!