“Why can’t I look like that?”nEver have those moments where you hear yourself say something and instantly wish you could take it back?nThat was me, just 2 days ago. I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a photo of a fitness influencer that I look up to, and found myself wishing that I looked like her.nDespite all the work I’ve done on myself in terms of personal development, self-image, etc, I was still guilty of wishing I looked like someone else! Crazy, huh?nI mean, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to look like someone else, because no two people are the same!nNo-one has exactly the same genetics, diet, exercise program, stresses, free time, sleep habits, hydration levels and other lifestyle factors as you.nAnd as tempting as it is to compare ourselves to others we see online, it’s important to stay conscious of our thoughts and opinions.nBecause the way we feel about ourselves has a massive impact on our mental health and the way we live our lives.nSo, will those feelings ever leave me?nThe feelings of wanting to look like/be like someone else?nProbably not.nWe can’t always control the thoughts that come in to our heads – but we can do something about them!nI guess the key is to acknowledge the thought but then move it on, and remind ourselves that there is only one of us in the whole, entire world – and why should we want to change that?nImprove, get better, feel better, yes – but not to be anyone else except for an improved version of ourselves ❤️