Can you believe that we’re already half way through January? (Wasn’t it just Christmas last week?!)nI thought I’d check in and ask how those New Year’s resolutions are going?nYou may have made some commitments to spend more time with family, lose some weight, give up smoking, have more work/life balance, etc, at the beginning of 2016…nAnd, like many others out there, you may have already forgotten what those commitments actually were – and it’s only mid-January!nIf that’s you, don’t feel guilty. Only 8{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} of us actually follow through on our resolutions, which is why I think they are a total waste of time. Image via poemsprayersandponderings.wordpress.comnIf resolutions actually worked, we’d all be mega rich, super fit, 100{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} happy all the time and our life would be totally in balance! So yep, I guess you could say I’m not a fan of resolutions… But being that time of year again, I figured I should make some mention of them…. Only I want to look at resolutions in a slightly different way. I want to talk about goals.nRather than set some throw-away resolutions, why not set some realistic, achievable goals?nGoals are way more exciting (and you’re way more likely to achieve them!)nHOW?nWell, here’s a super simple process for making your goals a reality this year: 1. Set your goals: There are 4 basic categories I like to focus on when I set goals. They are health, relationships (family and friends), career and wealth. (Feel free to throw in some other ones that may be important to you if you like). Think about what would be most important for you to achieve in the next year in these categories. For example, in the health category, it may be that you want to lose 5kg. 2. Set an action plan: Commit to taking action on your goals every week. It may be committing to do 2 workouts per week for the first month, or taking your lunch to work everyday, or whatever it may be. If you have an action plan with an easy pathway for achieving your goals, you are more likely to get there. 3. Follow through: This is the part of the process that is the most important, yet most challenging to achieve. Something that’s helped me immensely over time is having a group of people to workout with, or a workout buddy. There’s nothing like having to show up for someone else to make sure you get your workout done! Love my mates! Also, having a coach – an expert in the area you want help with – to guide you along the way is a major part of any success story. Find someone who inspires you, challenges you and encourages you to be better – someone who really cares about your success. 4. Celebrate: This is the best bit! As if achieving your goal wasn’t enough, I highly recommend a reward for yourself. If you’ve lost weight, then why not go out and buy some new clothes? Or a special date night with your partner?nWe need to celebrate ourselves for our hard work. It reinforces that we’ve done a good job and so we will be more likely to do the hard work necessary next time.nSo there you have it. Four easy steps to help you make 2016 your best year yet… Without feeling guilty about not following through on those pesky resolutions! – Set goalsn- Make an action plann- Follow throughn- Celebrate! If you have some big health goals to achieve in 2016, but need help with an action plan or support/accountability, then we can help you with that! Our Online Program gives you all the tools you will need to change your body shape long term without dieting or counting calories! You’ll learn how to eat lots of delicious food, exercise for a handful of hours each week and create the body you’ve always wanted, all in the comfortable environment of your own home… We can even help you celebrate when you achieve your goals!