Some days, it’s really not possible to get to the gym for a workout. Some days, your kids are overtired and being overly clingy and whingey. Some days, your house is huge mess and you don’t even know where to start in order to clean it up. I filmed a workout a couple of weeks ago on one of these days – we’d had a massive weekend and the kids were overtired; Bella sobbed that she didn’t want to go out that day (as I was getting ready to head to our Mums n Bubs class) and Noah was going out in sympathy for his emotional sister. It had been a rough day and it wasn’t even 9am yet! I could feel myself starting to lose the plot and knew that if I didn’t have a few minutes to do something for myself, I could explode! So I set the kids up with some food and tv time (please don’t judge me!) and did a quick workout, that was over in about 13 minutes. Set a timer for 40 second rounds, with a warning bell at halfway.* Perform each exercise (squats, push ups, glute bridge, knee to elbow, lunges) for 40 seconds. I did 4 rounds. (As always, remember to brace your core (think about drawing your belly button in and up) and make sure you have a clearance from your doctor or women’s health physio before you begin any exercise postpartum.)nI felt so much better after I spent a few minutes exercising! A little slice of something for myself in amongst the craziness of tired and emotional kids. Oh, and sorry about the mess behind me! I didn’t have time to clean it up, as I only had a small window to workout in! That’s real life, isn’t it?!n* I use the Boxing Timer app to time all my workouts.