Last week I spoke about a habit of mine. (In case you missed it, here’s the link to the blog article).

This habit ended up taking over my life and became an addiction.

And if I’m to be honest with you and myself, this addiction lasted nearly 10 years.

Trying to quit drugs was quite a challenging task to do, as not only did my family smoke marijuana, all of my friends that I went to school, surfed and played footy with were smoking and/or taking drugs (and many of them I actually introduced to drug taking in the first place).

Don’t take this the wrong way – a lot of my friends are and were good people, and still are good people. However, we liked to smoke drugs together and this is what we had in common.

If you look at your friends today, there are some people that you could tell them all of your secrets and there are some friends that you listen to their secrets. I’m sure there are some friends that you may not share much with at all – it just depends who you have rapport and trust with, as well as who can relate to what you are experiencing.

How do you change?

Now for a young guy, your mates are a big part of your life. At the same time, I really wanted to get off the drugs for good – so what was I going to do?

Back in 2005, it was becoming really hard to hang around my friends as we didn’t have much in common anymore; I had stopped smoking.

Then one day an opportunity came up to move to Brisbane for a rugby league contract and so I took it with both hands. 

I gained a new circle of influence in my new footy mates, my coaches, as well as my new work colleagues.

Fast forward to the 7th April 2009, I started my fitness studies and it was here that I met my best friend, soulmate, wife and now “baby mumma,” Rachael.

So not only did I gain a whole new circle of friends in the fitness industry, on the same path as I was, I also found the person who inspires me every day.

Rach and I have completely opposite upbringings yet she accepts me and embraces me for who I am and she challenges me to become even better in every aspect of my life.

So, you could say that my life has turned around somewhat!

You become like those you spend time with….

The whole purpose of this blog is to highlight the fact that you are who you hang around the most.

I’m really grateful for my past and all the wonderful friends that I have met along the way. I look around at all of the positive people I have in my life now – my clients, the Metabolic Precision community, the boys at footy, my friends and my family (and family-in-law!) – and I know that I am setting myself up for success.

So ask yourself – who are the 5 people you spend the most time with, and are they helping or hindering you?

Until next time!

This is the awesome crew I get to spend my days with!

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